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Free For All

The beer pong ball is in play and up for grabs after each shot until a player from either team gets it. This form of the game gets crazy and usually, at least one player ends up bleeding or injured…. good stuff.

    +23 shots hit out of 90
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    4 Responses to “Free For All”

    1. auks lax Says:

      if the shooting team gets the ball back they must shoot it behind the back

    2. Scott Says:

      Only way to play!!!! fuck this is it your turn polite bullshit. My table has two six cup pyrimids on each side when you get your opponets down to six they re rack in the center of where there two original pyrimids were. Also there is a net dividing sides. free for all if ball goes on floor. i am the champ

    3. Tanie Wakacje Says:

      Thanks for the post.

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