Beer Pong Rules /

Heating Up & On Fire

You must call out that you’re either “heating up” or “on fire”
in order for these to take into effect — and you must say it before
the other team shoots

Heating Up:Make 2 shots in a row.

On fire:Make 3 shots in a row. And when this happens, you keep getting
balls back until you miss.

    +35 shots hit out of 41
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    9 Responses to “Heating Up & On Fire”

    1. bbbb b Says:

      what if the person who is on fire doesn’t miss and hits the remaining cup, does the opposing team still get a rebuttal or does the game end?

    2. Melm Says:

      I don’t think a rebuttal should be allowed in that case. We came across this situation last night while playing and decided no rebuttal was allowed.

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    4. Scotty Says:

      If the person is heating up and their 3rd shot is a rebuttal to keep the team alive are they considered on fire and allowed to keep playing?

    5. Andre Says:

      Same thing happened to us and my partner made 7 in a row, 3 in the last cup. We gave them a chance at rebuttal, but the only way they could get the balls back was to get rollbacks.

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    8. Ead Says:

      If a player heats up on the last two cups but the other team sends it to OT, is the player still heating up?

    9. Flash Says:

      what if the person who is heating up misses the third shot but it rolls back and he makes the behind the back shot. Is he still on fire being that the rollback shot is replacing the first shot?

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