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When you have cleared all of your opponents cups, the opposing team gets a chance to sink all of your remaining cups in a row to create a draw game.

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    4 Responses to “Rebuttal”

    1. Team Beta Pong Says:

      Well there are several ways to go about this. First off here in Columbus, Ohio we call it redemption. There are 2 situations I want to bring up to clear this up.

      1. Lets say my team clears the other teams cups hitting the last two in a row – that would be walking it off because my teammate and I would be hitting 2 cups in a row. In this case they would not have a chance for rebuttal/redemption.

      2. We knock out the other teams cups with the exception of 1. During our next turn one of his hits their last cup standing. In this situation the opposing team would go into a redemption. They would have to make 1 cup of ours to cancel out our shot. If they miss and do not hit one of our cups they would lose the game.

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    4. Eric Says:

      Suppose the other team made your last cup and now it’s rebuttal. If you and your teammate both make the last cup on the other side. Is it now overtime, or did you just win? I’ve heard both sides of this and I want your opinion

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