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Stragler Rule

If a cup isn’t touching any other cups and a player calls out “stragler” and makes it in the cup, the team has to take out 2 cups. BUT this is only in affect if you have 4 or more cups.

Submitted by: “Not Mike”

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    7 Responses to “Stragler Rule”

    1. Helen Preis Says:

      Damn cool game yo!

    2. Emerita Fleek Says:

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    3. Sky Says:

      This rule is also known as the “Island” rule. samething instead of calling out stragler you call out island, obviously because the cup is isolated. must be 4 cups or more as posted.

    4. samoan music Says:

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    5. Hillbilly Ponger Says:

      We always just called it the stranger.

    6. DrunkenFerry Says:

      we also call it the stranger!!

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