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Beer pong and black lights

beer pong and black lights

Black light beer pong table. Where’s the techno?

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    2 Responses to “Beer pong and black lights”

    1. Brady Murray Says:

      how do you but lights on a beer table when you already made it

    2. renee Says:

      HELP!! Neighborhood Mom, And The 20 Somethings Are BIG Beerpong Players. I Would Like To Get My Daughter A LIGHTED Beerpong Table For Her Apartment (Christ I Don’t Even Drink, LOL) But Have No Clue How To Find One. Can You Buy A Beerpong Table Like The One Above Or One That Is Lit? I Heard About One Where Even The Beer Cups Are Lit From The Bottom? Looked On The Internet So Far No Luck. Any Help Please.
      Peace Out

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