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Ohio State Beer Bottle Caps Pong Table

Ohio State Beer Bottle Caps Pong Table

Sick Ohio State beer pong table made out of a whole bunch of beer bottle caps.

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    6 Responses to “Ohio State Beer Bottle Caps Pong Table”

    1. Flintytints Says:

      How many caps did it take to build that, I’m makin’ my own and I wanted an estimate.

    2. peyton Says:

      I built a table with beer bottle caps the table was 2′ x 8′ i took me 2,138 bottle caps if you need caps just take a 5 gallon bucket to a bar with your # on the side tell em to call u when it is full give em 10 bucks or something. thats what i did. by the way ohio state sucks.

    3. scott Says:

      can i buy this


      good job

    5. Mike Says:

      hahah yo i wanna play on this…you go to osu?

    6. Jennifer Says:

      What are the red bottle caps? Would love to make an Ohio State table like this!!!!

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