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Noun – A term used interchangeably with “beer pong” to describe the same exact game. The term “Beirut” is very popular in New England. According to the Wikipedia entry on beer pong, the difference between beirut and beer pong is that Beirut is the version of the drinking game where players specifically throw balls into cups while in beer pong, players can also use paddles to get the ball in the opposing teams cups. There is some more history on the term “beirut” that you can find on wikipedia.

There is a lot of discussion over whether or not beer pong is actually Beirut or if Beirut is actually beer pong but when all is said and done we should just let Google decide…. and Google says: Beiruit is a city in Lebanon and beer pong is a drinking game. But does it really matter? You get drunk regardless of the name you choose to use.

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    6 Responses to “‘Beirut’”

    1. Chip Says:

      I call it beruit, mainly because i’m from boston and learned to perfect the game there. however, it doesn’t matter what you call it, beruit or beer pong, its still one of the best BEER DRINKING GAMES PERIOD! Different house rules, #of cups, racks, bounce, bitches blow, guys finger? C’MONNNNNNNNNNNN, best drinking game period

    2. repo Says:

      beirut is played by throwing the ball, beer pong is with paddles and less cups

    3. Dave Says:

      Beirut is the game described here.

      Beer pong is played with paddles, and has two major variations, typically called “House” and “Slam” pong. Racks usually vary from the standard 6/10 cup pyramids of Beirut (shrub, tree, ship, etc), and the game is played on standard ping pong tables.

      Personally, I believe that the reason that most people refer to Beirut as Beer Pong is that they went to a school which in the past DID play Beer Pong, but resorted to throwing the ball at some point due to a lack of paddles, and the practice…as well as the name…stuck.

      Beer Pong originated at Dartmouth College as early as the 50s, while Beirut is acknowledged to have started sometime in the 80s, at either Lehigh or Bucknell, depending on who you believe.

      Beer Pong was actually an intramural sport at Dartmouth during the 70s. I myself have seen an intramural championship board in a Dartmouth dorm, noting a women’s Beer Pong championship title.

      Beer pong grew out of regular ping pong games, when lazy participants left their drinks on the table, prompting opponents to aim for the cup(s), making the shot almost impossible to return.

      “House” pong is played like regular ping pong. It fell off with the advent of “Slam” pong, but since the 90s it has again become the norm.

      “Slam” pong is more like volleyball, with one partner setting up the other for a slam or spike.

      Even the Broken Lizard masterpiece, “Beerfest,” distinguishes between Beer Pong and Beirut, with the former being played with paddles.

      Dartmouth takes Beer pong seriously. You may find yourself berated for even mentioning the name Beirut at a frat, and many parties revolve around dedicated Beer Pong tournaments (brackets and everything).

    4. Duncan Says:

      “Beiruit is a city in Lebanon” hahahahaha! That was priceless!

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