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78 Cup Beer Pong

78 cup beer pong

Just don’t miss the first cup.
Submitted by: Josh

    +45 shots hit out of 47
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    10 Responses to “78 Cup Beer Pong”

    1. zach Says:

      HOLY SHIITT.. let me get down on that

    2. Dustin Says:

      That is sexy


      These beer pong wanna be douches are playing 10 beers to 78 cups!! fuckin’ rookies

    4. ayyyertt Says:

      damn, how many people on a team? lol

    5. alex Says:

      so really just 10 beers…and to make it worst theyre fukking keystone light thats the nastiest beer ever…

    6. colby nestor Says:

      what a waist … guess they think the more cups the better chance they have of makin a cup???
      78 cup beer pong = pussy sport

    7. colby nestor Says:

      expecially with 10 beers … but never dis keystone light .. 13.99 for 30 where i live you cant beat that!!

    8. Girl Says:

      Your supposed to play with a case of beer (30). You have 5 suicide cups that are filled with an entire beer and the remaining 25 are split among the other 73 cups. If this cup is made it has be drank before you can throw. In other words you have to chug it. You play 5 people on a team.

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